Our Focus Is On Mobile Design

Mobile devices are growing, The reason for this is that it is easy, fast and readily available compared to the conventional laptop or desktop. 

On 2015 global users of mobile crossed the line of desktop and showed us the important of mobile design technology.

Mobile and desktop global usage diagram
Mobile & desktop global usage

To make sure your business is ready for the expected conversion rate, You have to make sure you are fully prepared on mobile design!

Let’s take a look at the importance of mobile design. Back in the day, smartphones were considered an expensive technology, but nowadays, they are a common part of our lives, and we cannot imagine a day without them. This means that website owners need to prove a suitable mobile experience for their users if they want to succeed. Today, the most famous and successful website brings a friendly mobile experience.

With the advancement of mobile technology, mobile web design, or as we said “mobile design” became a vital feature for website owners. There are some tips to make your mobile design more friendly and you can be assured that we apply them for you in the best way possible to enhance the mobile UX and remember that the mobile speed in your website must be good to attract more users. Nobody likes a small website, especially on a mobile device.

mobile friendly web design UX layout
Mobile Friendly Web Design

Some tips about Mobile design

Your website must have a responsive design website

Meaning in every device or monitor size, in every viewpoint or aspect ratio, User must see all the elements in order in the way of an standard user interview, Your end user must not miss any part of text or information and must not have to scroll left or right, only scrolling up and down is ok.

1- Easy to find information

Make sure that people can find their desired information easily.

2- No blocking text ad

Get rid of the Text-blocking advertisements and Pop-ups.

3- mobile speed

The mobile speed in your website is one of your top priorities, do not underestimate it.

4- No Complicated design

Don’t make your website complicated. Many users won’t come back to a confusing website.

5- Standard size design layout

Your button sizes on the mobile design must be larger than the desktop version.

6- Easily readable 

Apply large font sizes that every type of people would be able to read.

7- No outdated technology

Never use Flash; it’s a big mistake for your SEO. It slows down the page’s loading time and doesn’t work on all devices and browsers.

8- Work for every browser 

Use viewport Meta tag; this tag will tell the browsers to fit the width of a page on the mobile screen of the user’s device.

9- Ability of switch

Allow the website users to decide whether they want to use the website’s mobile design or the desktop version.

Do mobile testing now and then; the best thing you can do to make sure that your website’s mobile design works perfectly is to test now and then. Regular testing will result in more satisfied users.

Our designers on Web Design Cap do every step necessary to make your website mobile friendly to make sure you are do not miss any visitor coming to your website.  

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