8 Modern Web Design technologies in 2021

What it takes for a website in such a competitive market in 2021 to grow in its niche. If you want to survive this harsh market, you need to get familiar with Modern technologies of web design.

Technology of standard web is changing rapidly. To stay ahead, it’s essential to pay attention to increasingly popular trends, technologies, and methods.

 We analyze top trends in various industries to create the final list of web development trends in 2021. As a reward, you will read the top web technology stacks worth watching next year.

 Understand the Top 8 Internet Trends Next Year, Fully Assembled to Welcome the Decade!

User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface design
User Interface design

Today’s customers demand a great customer experience, and a better-than-easy-to-use UI plan and natural and secure data progress is the secret to engaging target audiences. Site pages created with attractive and intuitive components and compelling page layouts will prompt customers to visit the site pages and spend more time on the site pages. Innovative animated banners and titles, animated outlines, essential vitality, and drift effects to make the page come alive and attract customers are the best techniques for building a website.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) In 2021

 PWAs will be written using HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. In addition to an excellent user experience and no programs, PWA can also send push notifications and provide users with offline access to cached content.

Artificial Intelligence and Robots in Web design

 What is the future of web development? Many people believe that next year robots will be more self-taught and easily adapted to the needs and behaviors of specific users. This means that 24/7 robots will be able to replace support managers and save many companies.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages

 Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) is another web development trend. The idea is to speed up the page’s performance and reduce the risk of users leaving the page. AMP technology is somewhat similar to PWA. The difference is that due to the open-source plugins recently developed by Twitter and Google, the page speed has increased AMP.

 Now it is an optimized page. Compared with a full range of web products, it can run quickly and has a simplified but convenient design with only essential functions. These pages also work great on mobile devices, and you can always read their content.

 New trends in web design, such as AMP development, indicate that the Internet is becoming more user-oriented. Although we have 5G Internet technology and most brands choose to develop native apps to improve any user’s experience, AMP plugins allow companies to save on UX costs and reach users at any Internet speed. Therefore, we will see smaller niche products successfully competing with the prominent market leaders.


Optimizing voice search, the future of web development


voice search trend
voice search technology

Does not seem so simple, but rather a voice, not just virtual multifunctional home assistants like Siri, Google Home, or Amazon’s Alexa. By 2021, more than half of smart and IoT devices will listen to users and execute voice commands. Furthermore, they will be able to recognize different people’s voices and provide each person with a personalized experience based on artificial intelligence.

 Voice search is just the most crucial example of technology implemented more than a decade ago. In 2021, people are more willing to spend less time typing commands because the device can understand them clearly. This is the reason why most companies are now confused about how to enhance their physical and digital products for search and commands by voice. Approximately that by the end of 2022, 55% of households worldwide will have a voice assistant.

 The latest network development is voice optimization of standalone voice-activated devices and common websites and applications. Enhanced by AI, voice search optimization is beneficial to both end users and owners. First, it saves time and allows users to order more (online shopping and services). Second, technology is multitasking. Third, it gains additional loyalty from users and helps them cope with daily affairs. Finally, the use of voice is a powerful source of user behavior analysis.


User Experience (UX) Design

 UX designers combine market research, product development, strategy, and design to create a seamless user experience for products, services, and processes. They built a bridge for customers and helped the company better understand their needs and expectations.


Mobile First development

 By 2021, the quantity of mobile devices will be far more than ordinary personal computers. Now, we consume up to 54% of Internet traffic on mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, it is no wonder that web design trends tend to focus more on small mobile screens rather than horizontally oriented desktops. The newest concept of web design is as follows: In 2021, it is recommended to provide content without meaningless decorative elements, reduce the number of pages and avoid the use of columns, use call-to-action triggers for mobile devices (for example, online calls), and use bright colors, simple geometric shapes, contrasting color schemes and illustrations. It is also vital to understand that Google has a separate mobile search ranking algorithm since 2018, where mobile-first sites are given priority.


Responsive Website (RWD)

Responsive website design
Responsive design

 You need an easy-to-use mobile website because it is the only way to get a proper index from search engines. Proper indexing will affect your competitiveness.

 On April 21, 2015, Google released its “Mobilegeddon” mobile-friendly update. This is not just an algorithm update, it is a culture change, and Google is about to enter the mobile market.

 In the few days after the update, everyone in the industry began to breathe slowly, analyzing the performance of their website during the first week of its launch. Then we all started making the Website mobile-friendly. In 2021, it is also time to separate desktop and mobile versions and instead develop a common code for all types of devices.

 You can’t argue. In 2019, every second search request was initiated by mobile users, which means that developers and designers need to do their best to polish their products and make them convenient for users in two forms: desktop and mobile devices. As you may know, Responsive web design is a kind of approach to web design that makes it render suitably on a lot of devices and various screen sizes from minimum display size to a maximum one.

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